Theao (faeriechan) wrote in demolay,


I would just like to once again announce my STRONG distaste for sorority in Washington State.

There are more girls in washington demolay than there are girls...the girls run the show now.

They are illegal. The demolay have been opening there meeting, going to recess so that all the sorority girls can come in and then they conduct their business together. Some chapters have been using sorority in their arch of steel! I cannot fully express my outrage at this. sorority, no matter what anyone says, IS harming Job's Daughters and Rainbow in Washington.

I have been assured by the dad advisor of Puyallup Chapter, that they will NOT be opening a sorority chapter in puyallup. And that they have asked to have the sweetheart program back..they have been denied, but still they ask.

If sorority were to disolve in Washington, and they were to bring back the sweetheart program, I am very confident that Jobies and Rainbow would have a large boost in their membership, because the girls in sorority would have no choice if they want to remain active with the demolay but to join.

I cannot possibly support the sorority program in washington, and I apologize if there are any WA sorority on this community, or WA demolay, that I might offend.
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